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Churches in Bærum

Bærum has two medieval churches from the end of the 12th century, two churches in bricks from the 19th century and many modern churches from the 1950s and later.

Tanum church

Tanum is one of the two Roman style medieval churches in Bærum from the 12th century. Tanum church was built between year 1100 and 1130 and has sculptures from the medieval age. Around the church there are several burial mounds from the Iron Age. The grave yard has more than 3000 graves, and the oldest kept grave monuments are from the 17th century.

Tanum church was restored in the early 1900's, and inside the church you can see unique 14th century lime paintings and interior and equipment from the 17th and 18th century.

The church has been a popular subject for many artists. Harriet Backer immortalized the interior of the old Tanum church several times. The most famous painting is "Baptism in Tanum Church" (Barnedåp i Tanum kirke) from 1892. You can see the painting in The National Gallery (Nasjonalgalleriet) in Oslo.

Haslum church

Haslum Church is a cruciform church from around 1190. The church was rebuilt in 1853 by architect P.H. Holtermann. In 1924, the church was tried restored to its original appearance, although little is kept from the Middle Age.

A round stone with a hole in the middle has probably been the original baptismal font from the Middle Ages. A bell in the tower and two Gothic sculptures are preserved from the Middle Age. The altarpiece you find in the church today is from 1631, and the font from the beginning of the 1800s.

Bryn church

Bryn church in Rykkinn was built in bricks in 1861. The architect was P.H. Holtermann, and Gunder Kristensen Krydsby from Lommedalen brought the two church bells from Kristiania (old Oslo) with horse and carriage.

Some of the furnishings were purchased new, other was received as gifts and some were transferred from the much older Tanum Church. The decoration of the chancel of the church was performed by Emanuel Vigeland, brother of the more famous Gustav Vigeland.

A number of archaeological finds from the early Iron Age until Middle Ages has been made in the grave yard around Bryn Church. Bryn church was restored in 1959-60 by architect Finn Bryn.

Høvik church

In 1891 it was decided to build a new church in the East of Bærum. After rough discussions about the location, it was an agreement to locate the new church in the plot in Høvik that was offered by wholesaler Frithjof Plahte. The construction of the church began in 1895, after drawings by the architect Henry Nissen.

Høvik church was opened in 1898 and is built in red bricks, similar to Bryn church in Rykkinn. The church has a lively English-inspired Gothic Revival architecture, and forms a distinctive, asymmetrical design seen from the highway of E18.

Grinilund church

Grinilund church was built in Eiksmarka in 1959. The structure is of concrete and wood and the church is designed in a rectangular shape.

Grinilund has 286 seats, and the belfry is seperated from the church building and is made in wood.

Jar church

Jar church from 1961 is constructed in light bricks and with a rectangular form. The architects are   Morseth, Wiel Gedde and Qvam and the church has 460 seats.

Similar to Grinilund church, the belfry in Jar church is seperated from the rest of the church building.

Snarøya church

Snarøya church was built in 1968 in a rectangular form. The architects are Harald Hille and O. Østbye.

The structure is concrete and the church has 250 seats. The church was awarded with the Concrete Board (Betongtavlen) by the Norwegian Concrete association and Architect Association in 1985.

Østerås church

Østerås church is made in bricks and was built in 1974, after an architect competition. The architects of the winning drawings were Viggo Kippenes og Ashish Krishna.

The church has 690 seats and room for youth work, Sunday school and scouts. There is also a kindergarden in the basement. The belfry is located on a small hill.

Helgerud church

In 1982 Helgerud church was built  in Gjettum. The church is located on a small hill above Sandvika near Bærum Hospital and Kolsåstoppen in the northeast. When connecting the church hall and the parish, Helgerud church has at the most 650 seats.

Helgerud church is built in red bricks and was designed by architect Harald Hille. In the basement are children and youth department as well as kindergarden.

Lommedalen church

The newest church in Bærum is Lommedalen church, which was finished in 1995. It is made in concrete and is located on a small hill.

Lommedalen church has 700 seats and is popular for concerts and cultural arrangements. The church does not have a grave yard.

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Churches in Bærum
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