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Beaches in Bærum

Bærum has a beautiful coastline with many small islands and lovely beaches. One of the beaches is awarded with the international beach award, the Blue Flag.

The popular beach outside Sandvika is suitable for handicapped people and has many fascilties. Kadettangen is situated next to the new guest harbour and the docks for the passenger boats called Rigmor and Rigfar.

It is a sandy, quite long beach going all the way to the bridge leading to the island of Kalvøya. There is a floating dock, piknic tables and sports facilities with beach volley ball courts. There are also showers, toilets, a kiosk and permanent grills.

Kalvøya is a preferred area for sports, walking and swimming. The island has several sandy beaches. The most popular one is called Store badebukt and is located on the south East side of the island. Here you have a floating dock, diving boards, grills and toilets.Next to the beach are grassy plains used for football and other sports.

Among the other sandy baches in Kalvøya, you find Lille badebukt (the picture above) on the right side, just after you have arrived at the island by the bridge.On the North Western side of the island there are also two beaches, one of them is a nude beach.

Kalvøya is famous for the music festival called "Kalvøyafestivalen", which were arranged here yearly from 1971 to 1997. This year Kalvøya were again housing a big music festival, the Extrema Outdoor festival, which is supposed to be back again in 2011.

The beach of Høvikodden is located next to the Henie Onstad Art Centre, so you can use the big parking lot outside the centre. Høvikodden has a small and child fiendly sandy beach.

The area of Høvikodden also has many cliffs and grassy plains where you can find your private spot and enjoy the view to Kalvøya and Kadettangen. There are toilets, garbage cans and benches near the beach, and a restuarant in the art centre.

The beach is also called Veritas-stranda, because of the location next to the company called Veritas and The Veritas Park. You can walk along the beach if you follow the coastal path (Kyststien) from Høvikodden.

The beach has a mixture of sand and natural stones, and you find the most sandy part of the beach on the Northern side. There are benches along the beach and grill and toilets next to Veritas.

Next to Bærum Sailing Association there is a harbour, a dock and a small and charmy sandy beach.

There is a diving board, benches and garbage cans. From Sarbuvollen you can walk the coastal path (Kyststien) all the way to Høvikodden.

Fornebu has many nice beaches, and the newly developed area of Storøya is one of five Blue Flag beaches in Norway. The Blue Flag is an international beach award which shows that the beach has a high standard when it comes to information, water quality, environment, safety and services.

Storøyodden is accessible for disabled people with parking down at the beach area and a wheelchair ramp in the water. There are also Handicap accessible toilets.

The area of Storøyodden has huge grassy plains suited for sunbathing and sports with its four beach volley ball courts. A small piece of the landing strip from Fornebu Airport, which was the Main Airport in Norway from 1939 to 1998, is also saved in Storøyodden. This is the only visible memory to remind us that the area used to be a busy airport.

Today you find sandy beaches here, a kiosk, grill, benches and several outdoor showers. There are also bike racks, and Fornebu is well suited for cycling tours, with many newly developed tracks.

On the Eastern side of Fornebu you find Smedtangen, also called Telenor-stranda or Harmony Beach. This is a sandy beach with some stones.

The coastal walk (Kyststien) in Fornebu goes through the area.

Rolfstangen is situated on the South East side of Fornebu. The area conists of two sandy beaches, separated by rocks. There are some small islands in front of the beach.

Rolfstangen has some benches, grills and toilets and a parking lot close by with free parking. If you are hungry, the restuarant Sjøflyhavna Kro is in walking distance.

A bit South of Rolfstangen, Pelvikodden offers a sandy beach with some shells. There is also a quite big area of rough rocks where you can find your private spot.

Pelvikodden has an poen kiosk in the summer season, a diving board, shower, benches and toilets. There are also many good places to fish here.

Fürst brygge
This is a small and child friendly sandy beach in Snarøya, outside Fornebu. From here you can walk the coastal path (Kyststien) to Strømtangveien.

Fürst brugge is a dock that is popoular for fishing, and there are rough rocks, grass and paths in the area between the docks and the small sandy beach.

Bathing freshwater
There are also many lakes for bathing in freshwater as well in Bærum:

The lake of Burudvann is the most popular place to take a swim in Lommedalen. Burudvann has a nice sandy beach with  a floating dock, toilets, grills, a fire place and toilets.

You have to walk about 700 meters on a forest road from the parking lot. The area around Burudvann is popular for camping.

The lake of Østernvann, in the area of Fossum in Bærum, has many nice places to take a bath. There are no sandy beaches here, and the bathing places are not so suitable for small children.

Cars can be parked in Østernveien, and from here there is a small walk walk on forest road to the lake. On the eastern side of the water there is a floating dock, but there are noe toilets or garbage cans in the area around the lake.


The lake Bogstadvannet is located on the boarder between Bærum and Oslo. There are several nice beaches here, the popular bathing area in Bærum is called Kråka.

Kråka is less crowded than the beach on the Oslo side of the lake, but you have to walk a little from the parking lot in Fossum to get to the sandy beach. There are grills, toilets, garbage cans and a floating dock  in the beach area.

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