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Snarøya is a peninsula and a popular residential area in Bærum, located in the Oslofjord outside Fornebu.

Snarøya was formerly an island separated by a strait between the mainland and Snarøya, but this was filled in around 1830 and currently consists of the area Snarøykilen and Hundsund.

After the strait and the bridge was removed, the boundaries between Fornebu and Snarøya slipped slightly. Today, the area of Snarøya also includes Langodden and Halden, and some says that also Rolfstangen in Fornebu is a part of Snarøya.

From 1859 to 1929 there was a steamship connection between Kristiania, Snarøya and Sandvika.

The name derives from Snarøya farm, which is mentioned in written sources from the 1600s. Since that the farm was sold several times and Snarøen Brug (planing and sawmill) was operating here from 1867 to 1907. This was at the time Bærum's and Akershus' largest industrial workplace with its 240 men, their own school (Bergvang), general store and bakery. It was also built several houses for the workers.

Large ships exported planed timber to England, France, South America and Australia, but Kristiania (Oslo) eventually became the most important market.

In 1923 the farm was bought by the Vice Consul, the painter and furniture maker Mario Caprino, and it has been in his family ever since. His son's studio, Ivo Caprino's film studio, was built here from 1952. A number of famous puppet films, such as Flåklypa Grand Prix, was made here.

Today Snarøya is a fashionable and developed residential area with grocery store / post office and several sports clubs. Snarøya church (the picture above) was built in 1968, you can read more about all the churches in Bærum here.

In the summer, Snarøya is very idyllic with a lot of small boat traffic and many beautiful beaches, like Fürst Brygge (the picture above). More about the beaches in Bærum.

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